Who We Are

Mission, Vision, Values

To Bring Glory to God

We believe that man’s chief end is glorify God and enjoy Him forever. To that end, all that we do at Fountain Church is aimed at bringing glory to our King.

Disciples of Jesus

Our goal is not to see nominal affiliation with Jesus. We don’t want to see people that are simply involved with church activities. We long to see droves of people, bought by the blood of Jesus, who are running towards obedience to all he commanded with all they have. We strive to see lives radically devoted to following Jesus above all else (Luke 9:23-25).

Exalting Christ to the Ends of the Earth

We believe that all authority on Heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus. He also commands that his followers make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28: 18-20) In response to that command, we desire to see members of every tribe, tongue, and nation joyfully becoming disciples of Jesus. We hope to play a role in this great commission through working with unreached peoples locally, domestically, and abroad.

Proclaiming His Gospel

We believe that the Gospel is the power for salvation (Romans 1:16), and the reason we labor. Further, we believe that the Gospel is news that must be proclaimed (Romans 10:14-17).



Exalting Christ to the Ends of the Earth

We exist to bring glory to God by exalting Christ to the ends of the Earth through being and creating disciples of Jesus who faithfully proclaim his great Gospel. Christ is worthy of our praise and exaltation. At the heart of Fountain Church, there are core beliefs and intentions that allow the fulfillment to exalt Christ to the ends of the earth.

Focus on Missions

Fountain Church believes that the great commission should be at the core of what we do.  Christ is most exalted when we obediently fulfill his commands, spreading the gospel both here and abroad.  A focus on local, domestic and international missions is at the heart of our living out the great commission.

Focus on Church Planting

In the New Testament, we see the disciples constantly engaged in starting, supporting, discipling, and encouraging new churches.  With many communities and people groups both local and abroad in need of churches, Fountain Church seeks to be a body who engages in church planting through direct activity, partnerships, and/or funding.

Focus on Discipleship

As Disciples of Christ, a Christian should be continuously growing in their knowledge and faith, equipping themselves to better share and spread the gospel.  Fountain Church believes strongly that the church should be a place where Christians are equipped to fulfill the great commission and overcome the pressures and influences of secular cultures and its challenges. Fountain Church desires that everyone be discipled and engaged in discipling others.

Expository Preaching

Fountain Church believes the Bible is the inspired, inerrant and sufficient Word of God in its original form, and is thus the ultimate authority for life, faith and morals. With this understanding, Fountain Church believes it to be vitally important that preaching be expositional in nature and practice, delivering the meaning of scripture from the pulpit.

Staff & Elders

Matt Dellinger, Elder

Teaching Pastor

Matt is married to Susanna, and they have two sons, Judah and Knox. Matt serves as elder and Teaching Pastor at Fountain Church. His passions are preaching and church planting, and he loves books.

Glen Jackson, Elder

Executive Pastor

Glen leads the pastoral care ministry at Fountain Church. He also teaches a Sunday morning small group for adults. His heart is to lead adults to become disciple makers and to train them to share the gospel at home and abroad. Glen is also passionate about international missions. He and his wife, Marie have three children and thirteen grandchildren.

Kevin Stringham, Elder

Children’s Pastor, Admin

Kevin serves Fountain Church by leading the Children’s Ministry, serving on the Sunday worship teaching team, leading a Sunday night small group for adults, and fulfilling other administrative duties. Kevin loves to teach the word of God to children and adults. He is passionate about helping other believers make it the central focus of their lives. Kevin and his wife, Vikki, have two children. In his free time, Kevin likes to drink coffee, eat bacon, and build with Legos.

John Cipolla, Elder

Pastoral Care and Finance

John is elder, head of finance, and a small group leader at Fountain Church. John and his wife Marianna have seven children and twenty grandchildren. John’s heart is to raise up a generation of Christ Followers who will impact the world. He loves playing the piano and classical music.

Paul Firth, Elder


Paul and his wife, Katie, have six children varying in age from preschoolers to collage. Paul leads the middle school Sunday school class at Fountain, helps with high schoolers on Wednesday nights, and also leads a Sunday night adult small group. Paul is passionate about missions and orphan care ministries (two of his children are adopted), apologetics, and good coffee.

Kevin Payne

Youth Ministry & Worship Lead

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