It is crucial to our family that our children receive solid biblical instruction and guidance.  At Fountain Church, the biblical training that our children receive is impeccable.  They not only learn scripture and how all scripture points to our Savior Jesus Christ but also learn how this should impact our daily lives.  We love our church!

After moving to LaGrange a year ago, I really hadn’t met many of my neighbors and spent a lot of my days alone. I prayed that God would bring the right people into my life to make me feel at home in LaGrange. One day I was cooking lunch and I heard a knock at my front door. When I opened the door, there stood a friendly face telling me about the block party planned for that weekend, and I was delighted, God had answered my prayers! I met so many friendly people, welcoming people, and they invited me to come to their church and I even met someone who could give me ride I don’t drive. These people care about spreading the Word that there is hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ. I can see that Christ is ALIVE in my church. You can see His love in the relationships between church members, and everyone is welcome. I have a new family, and I look forward to many years of caring about that family and spreading the word that Jesus is alive.